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Consultant | Relationship Builder & Writer Extraordinaire | Work from Home

Work From Home, New South Wales, Australia
31st July 2020


Will suit a talented individual with a Recruitment, Search, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources AND/OR Resume Writing Background.

Exceptional Resume Writers (powered by Arielle Executive) launched in the resume writing space just over a year ago. We’re planning to take the industry by storm, and are embarking upon a period of growth.

There is an opportunity for a charismatic, intelligent and warm-natured recruitment pro, who is passionate about the power of the written word and its ability to sell, and who has knowledge of the Australian recruitment and selection market, to join our small, nimble and highly capable team in the capacity of a Resume & LinkedIn Writing Consultant.


To succeed, you must GENUINELY be interested in people, delighting in their psychology and what makes them tick, marvelling at how they fit into the work that they do.

This needs to be more than a box-ticking exercise - you must have an innate desire to help shape and mould clients' unique histories to fit their next career goal. And a deep love affair with the English language is an absolute must.


The role of Resume & LinkedIn Consultant within our organisation is responsible for partnering with clients to develop and execute on a strategic brief to build targeted career collateral that aligns the client’s experience and their personality to their desired direction.

Using your familiarity with the Talent Acquisition space, you will tailor a solution that helps clients achieve market traction and success. You must have deep recruitment experience to understand which dots need to be connected in order to tell the right story, a marketing and communications aptitude, and importantly, high levels of commercial astuteness – a delicate balance to strike. Prior resume writing experience is highly desirable.

An analytical and critical thinker, you often tie disparate layers of information together by assessing it in the context of the bigger picture to build the strongest business case that you can for the client, on their behalf.

It’s imperative that you the type of person who looks at problems from a variety of angles and that you have a broad understanding of business concepts. We market people through the articulation of a value proposition for them across their career collateral - as such, being highly tuned to commercial contexts and the needs of the person doing the recruiting, as well as the individual – i.e. being able to put yourself in all shoes – is vital.


This role is for someone who:

  • Has deep experience in Recruitment, Search, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources AND/OR Resume Writing;
  • Has a love affair with writing – as this forms an integral part of our business and the role. You can write using polished, intelligent "business" language;
  • Is a natural storyteller - with the power to connect disparate pieces of information to create compelling narratives;
  • Understands transferable people competencies, skills and abilities, and can align experience/personal fit for specific jobs;
  • Is wired to build convincing arguments. If you are told that your talents have been wasted (i.e. you should have been a lawyer, sales person, marketer or politician), this role will fit like a glove. You need to love the idea of sculpting your client’s experience and personality to secure buy in from the reader;
  • Warm and engaging, with high levels of integrity, you can create a credible and professional client experience, and through this deliver a high-end service;
  • Is inquisitive by nature. This personality trait allows you to uncover unique traits about individuals, linking these to market needs to distinguish our clients from their competition;
  • Manages time well and is disciplined. If you’re always running out of time, please don’t apply. You must be able to commit to 2 business day turnarounds – non-negotiable;
  • Loves to learn. Thrive in environments where you continuously push yourself to new heights. If you shriek at the sight of feedback, you will find our culture quite tough;
  • Is comfortable to change directions whilst remaining focused on excellence. Our business is constantly evolving, and conversations with clients are never the same. It’s not for the faint-hearted;
  • Possesses a proclivity towards personal growth and a yearning to contribute to an organisation that improves the lives of its clients;
  • Appreciates the complexities of working within a premium brand. Ownership, excellence in communication, both written and verbal, are a must, as is being self-motivated, proactive and dedicated to providing outstanding service.


We love what we do. We’re a tightly knit and high performing team and through working with us, you will do some of your best work. It is important to note however that being a part of remote team is a little different to being part of a team where you see your colleague’s, day in and day out. There are no water cooler conversations, no office Ping-Pong table (though there are plenty of other perks). Therefore, you MUST be fulfilled when you feel EMPOWERED to do your very BEST WORK. Our top talent have a deep passion for their craft, and LOVE to work remotely so that they can focus on the work itself – because this is something that they revel in.

As a part of the team, you get to enjoy the benefit of being a part of a scale-up that doesn’t settle for mediocrity, is rapidly evolving, and is pushing the boundaries of a new niche.

You’ll not be drowning in corporate bureaucracy or navigating workplace politics. Instead, you’ll be surrounded (virtually) by high-performing people who are at the top of their game, yet are down to earth, who love to solve complex problems and who make their time at work count.

We believe there is always a better way – and innovation is one of our core driving forces, constantly propelling us to think ahead of the game.


If all this sounds like it’s right up your alley, please submit your application to quoting the subject “Writer | Relationship Builder | JobsInHR”. In your application, please include the following:

  1. cover letter – please bear in mind that we build brands for our clients (including cover letters). We’d like to see your approach to this task, as this will give us insight into how you tell a story and connect dots. Let us know why you’re interested in this opportunity, why we should hire you and what you can bring to the table.
  1. your resume AND a link to your LinkedIn profile.

We look forward to your application!